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Web Service Question

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The web services question type lets you connect an RSS or Atom feed to your survey. The web services question type does not actually add a question to your survey. It instead allows you to pipe data from your feed to questions later on in your survey. For example, use a web services question to connect your blog’s feed to your survey and then create a short popup survey for blog readers that asks a question about the most recent post. Because it is pulled from your feed, the blog post title automatically updates whenever your feed updates.

To set up a web services question:

  1. Drag and drop a web services question from the Advanced Questions section of the palette to the first page of your survey.
  2. Enter a Web Service Name for the question.
  3. An Identifier is automatically created for the question, you can change this to something more memorable by clicking on it. The identifier is used to pipe information from your feed into your survey.
  4. Click Configure Web Service.
  5. Enter the URL to your RSS or Atom feed and click Test URL to bring up a list of the different data elements in the feed.
  6. Find the element you want to use in your survey, for example the link and title of the first post in your blog. Map fields to a variable name by typing a name into the box in the right hand column that contains the data you want to pipe into your survey. This is the box the arrow is pointing towards. Do this for as many fields as you need. Click Apply.
  7. Your mapped variables should now list in the web services question.
  8. Pipe variables into survey text using with the following code {{ identifier.variable_name }} where identifier is your web services question identifier and variable_name is the name of one of the variable you mapped. If you are mapping the most recent blog post title into question text, this title will automatically change every time your feed is updated with new content.