Using Survey Templates
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Using Survey Templates

Select from a variety of professionally designed survey templates. You can also save any survey you have created as a template for future surveys.

Applying Templates

Create a survey from templates in a variety of categories. You can still customize the survey and questions when starting from a template.

To create a survey from a template:

  1. Click the + New Survey button in the upper left corner of your dashboard.
  2. Click on a template category in the list on the left to see templates in that category. To view an overview of a template, click on it. Templates you have made are listed under Custom Templates. The template overview will give you a summary of the template’s pages and questions. To preview the template as a survey, click the Preview Template button in the upper right corner of the overview page.
  3. When you have found a template you want to use for a survey, enter a name for your survey into the box at the bottom of the template overview page. Enter any other information the template requires and click Create Survey.
  4. Your newly created survey will open in the editor where you can make any changes as needed.

To apply a template to an already created survey:

  1. From the editor, click the Survey tab of the palette.
  2. Click the Apply Template button.
  3. Select a template from the Available templates drop down and click Apply.
If you apply a template to a survey, it will replace all contents with the template. Be careful when applying a template to an already populated survey.

Creating Templates

Save any survey you have created as a template you can use in the future.

To save a survey as a template:

  1. Create your survey.
  2. From the editor, click the Survey tab of the palette.
  3. Click the Save Template button.
  4. Give your template a Name and Description and click Save.