Using Popups
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Using Popups

Deploy your survey as a popup on your website. Use popups to survey site visitors about what they are viewing.

VIDEO: How to Create a Popup Survey
VIDEO: How to Embed a Popup Survey

To create a popup:

  1. Click the deploy icon deploy icon and click Popups.
  2. Click + Add new popup.
  3. Configure your popup Settings.
  4. Edit your popup messages, header, and button text as desired in the Messages tab.
  5. Make changes to color and font on your popup in the Style tab.
  6. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.
  7. In the Code tab, copy the HTML Code and paste it into the body of your site.

Popup Elements and Setting Options in Detail

NameName for your popup that is displayed in your list of popups. The user who views the popup will not see this name.
IdentifierOptionally set a custom identifier that you also use for other popups to prevent a user from seeing more than one popup on your site. A user will only be shown a single popup per identifier. This allows you to have multiple popups on multiple pages but only present the user with one.
Display EffectChoose if you want to apply a fade effect that fades the popup in and out.
LanguageChoose which language the survey will be displayed in by default for multi language surveys. The user can change the survey language once they visit the survey.
PercentageSet the percentage of visitors you want the popup displayed to. Use a value between 0 and 100. You may use floating point values such as 0.5% to show your popup to 1 in 200 visitors.
FrequencyDisplay your popup to every x visitor. If this value is set to 5, every 5th visitor will see your popup. This is checked before the percentage value, so if you have frequency set to 5, and percentage set to 25%, every 5th visitor has a 25% chance of seeing your popup.
DelaySet a delay (in seconds) before the popup will appear to a visitor on your page.
Postpone LengthSet how many hours must pass before a user will be eligible to see the popup again after they were not shown it based on either frequency or percentage limitations. Set this to –1 and the user will not see the popup a second time, unless they clear their cookies.
EnabledAllows you enable or disable the popup without removing code from your website. Disabled popups will not be shown to visitors.
Pop OverForce this popup to stay in the foreground. By default the popups display in the background. Checking this will attempt to show the popup above the current window instead.
Use Standby PageDisplay a standby page to visitors who accept the offer to take the survey so they can continue to browse your site. When they leave the page they will be redirected to your survey. Set a message for your standby page in Messages that allows visitors to click directly to your survey.
Cookies RequiredOnly users with cookies enabled will receive popup invites.
HeaderThe text at the top of the popup. Should be one line.
MessageThe greeting that asks a visitor to take your survey.
Yes ButtonThe text displayed on the button that the visitor will click to take the survey
No ButtonThe text displayed on the button that the user visitor click to opt out of taking the survey
Standby MessageIf you have enabled a standby page in settings, this text is displayed in it. It should contain a word or phrase surrounded by [[ ]]. This text will be linked to the survey URL, allowing the user to being the survey immediately instead of waiting until they leave the site. Example: “Click [[ here ]] to begin your survey”
OverallSet your popup height and width, apply a border and define its size and color. Set a background color for the popup.
Screen BackgroundEnable a screen background color treatment to show behind the popup and over your site. Define the color and opacity of the color treatment.
HeaderDefine the background color, font color and size, and text alignment for your header.
MessageDefine the font color and size and text alignment for your message.
ButtonsDefine the background color, font color and size, and border settings for your buttons.
Standby MessageIf you have a standby message enabled, define its background color, message width, font color, size, and alignment, and border.