Using Extraction Within a Survey
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Using Extraction Within a Survey

Extraction lets you take the select, or unselected answers from a source question and inserts them as answer choices in a following destination question. For example, ask respondents which products they have used and ask follow up questions about the options they select.

You can extract from:

You can extract to any close ended question types except for the 3D matrix.

To add extraction to your survey:

  1. Add the question you want to extract from and to to your survey. The source and destination questions must be on different pages and the source question must come before the destination question.
  2. Give your source question an identifier. For more on adding identifiers see: Using Identifiers Within your Survey
  3. Select the close ended question you want to extract too and click the Extraction button in the palette. If you are using a question type with multiple variable sets, for example, a drop down grid. You can configure extraction for each set of variables.
  4. Select the identifier of your source question from the Extraction Source drop down.
  5. If you want to extract the choices your respondents do not select, check the Inverted Extraction box.
  6. Save your survey.
VIDEO: Extraction with a Multiple Choice Grid
VIDEO: Extraction with a Checkbox Question