Creating Collectors to Collect Responses
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Creating Collectors to Collect Responses

Collectors are used to distribute your survey. If you have not created a collector, surveys deployed through a url or using the email invite tool collect responses with the default collector. You can create multiple collectors per survey to reach respondents through various channels.

No matter how many collectors you have, all responses for the survey are recorded in the responses section. You can filter by collector to focus on a particular group of respondents.

To create a collector:

  1. Click the deploy icon deploy icon on the left.
  2. Click the + New Collector button in the upper left corner. If you have already create a collector, this button will instead be a drop down menu. Select Manage Collectors from this menu and click the + New Collector button in the window that opens.
  3. Give your collector a descriptive name. For example, if you have a course feedback survey to give to students and are making a collector for each class, use the class name as the collector name.

The deploy link on the deploy page changes depending on which collector is currently selected from the collector drop down. To send a link for a particular collector, select it from the dropdown and copy the deploy link that appears. Similarly, you can send email invites using a particular collector by selecting the collector from the drop down in the upper left corner of the invite tool.

VIDEO: Using Collectors with the Survey Invite Tool