Trigger Automations from Salesforce
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Trigger Automations from Salesforce

A variety of actions can be performed by triggering Automations from Salesforce.

Our specific example will show you how to add a record to your FluidSurveys address book upon creation or edit of a contact.

Set Up a Salesforce Workflow Rule

A workflow rule is a set of rules set up within Salesforce to determine when to perform given actions in Salesforce. This is very similar to how Automations work in FluidSurveys.

To setup a rule, click your user name in the top right hand corner and select Setup.

Figure 1 - Setting up your Salesforce workflow rule.

On the left hand toolbar, click Create > Workflow & Approvals > Workflow Rules.

To add a new rule, click New Rule.

Figure 2 - Adding a new rule

Begin by selecting an object to which the rule will apply to. Once you've selected your object, click Next.

Figure 3 - Selecting an object

Next configure your workflow rule. 

Edit Rule: Give your rule a name and an optional description

Evaluation Criteria: When will your rule be evaluated. For the purposes of our example, we want a contact to be added to FluidSurveys every time they are created or whenever they are edited.

Rule Criteria: Run the rule only if the following criteria are met. For the purposes of our example, we want this rule to run only if the user being added or edited has a valid email attached to their record. 

Figure 4 - Configuring your workflow rule

After configuring your workflow rule, click Save & Next.

Set Up a Salesforce Workflow Action

Actions are performed only when all criteria of the workflow rule have been met.

Click Add Workflow Action > New Outbound Message to create a workflow action.

Figure 5 - Selecting a workflow action

Configure your outbound message by providing a name and contact fields to send.

Figure 6 - Configuring your outbound message

Notice the missing Endpoint URL. To retrieve the URL, we'll need to jump to FluidSurveys to create an automation to receive our Endpoint URL.

Creating a FluidSurveys Automation

To set up your FluidSurveys automation, click Tools > Automations.

Click New Automation to give your automation a name.

Figure 7 - Giving your automation a name

Start by selecting an automation event. The Post Request event type is used in this case.


Figure 8 - Creating an automation event

Next, create an action. For our example, we will be using the Create Contact action. Fill out the Name, Email, and any other values selected as contact fields to send as seen in Figure 6.

Figure 9 - Creating an automation action.

Save your automation.

Once your automation is saved, a callback URL will appear in the event section of your FluidSurveys automation.

Figure 10 - Callback URL

To copy the URL, click the link. A message will appear saying your Callback URL has been copied.

Completing your Salesforce Action

Now that you have copied your FluidSurveys Callback URL, return to the Salesforce action. Paste (CTRL + V) your URL into the Endpoint URL.

Figure 11 - Adding your endpoint URL on Salesforce. 

Click Save. 

Click Done.

Figure 12 - Completing your Salesforce workflow rule

Activate your workflow rule to have Salesforce start sending record creation and editing information to your FluidSurveys Automation.

Figure 13 - Activating your workflow rule