Timing your Respondents
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Timing your Respondents

Track how long your respondents spend on a page, set time restraints on a page, or display a timer to respondents.

To add timing options to your survey:

  1. In the survey editor, select the page you want to add timing options to.
  2. Click the Page tab in the palette.
  3. Click Timing and configure timing settings as desired. See below for details.
  4. Save your survey and repeat this process for all other pages you want to add timing to.
VIDEO: Timing Your Respondents
Track ClicksTracks the number of clicks a respondent makes on a survey page.
Initial ClicksTracks how much time passes between the survey page loading and the respondent’s initial click.
Track Time on PageTracks the time the respondent spends on the survey page.
Show TimerShows a timer on the survey page.
Count DownHas the timer count down. By default the timer counts up.
Initial PauseHow many seconds respondents will be kept on a page before they can advance.
Auto AdvanceHow many seconds respondents can spend on the page before being automatically advanced to the next page.