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VIDEO: Ranking Question

The ranking question asks respondents to order a list of variables, matching them with ranking choices. Respondents drag and drop the variables into place, matching them together like puzzle pieces.

ranking question

To set up a ranking question:

  1. Drag and drop a ranking question from the Advanced Questions section of the palette to your survey.
  2. Phrase your question in the Question Title and optionally add an Extra Description.
  3. By default the question has two variables that can be ranked. To add more click the + Add button in the Items section. You can also use the Bulk option or Extraction to variables. Variables can be made Static which keeps them in a fixed place when random or alphabetic ordering is on.
  4. By default the question has two ranking choices. To add more click the +Add button to add more or use the Bulk option or Extraction. Choices can be assigned a Score or SPSS short code.
  5. Configure Display and Options settings. See below for details.
  6. Save your survey.



Display side-by-sideDisplays the question on one half of the screen. In order for two questions to display side-by-side, you’ll have to enable this option for both questions. The first question will be on the left and the second on the right.
Append to previous questionUse this to make this question appear as if it’s part of the previous question.
Extra ClassesAdvanced option to define classes for custom javascript or CSS.
Error MessageMessage that displays when a respondent hasn’t ranked all options.


OptionalMakes question optional. Uncheck to make it required.
Randomize VariablesShows answer variables a random order per respondent. Variables that are Static will not be affected by this setting.
Alphabetize VariablesShows answer variables alphabetic order. Variables that are Static will not be affected by this setting.