Previewing Your Survey
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Previewing Your Survey

Preview how your survey will look to respondents and test out your survey’s logic by previewing your survey. When you preview a survey you will see the survey laid out as a respondent would, with a few small differences:

  • An administrator toolbar appears that allows you to switch between pages without taking the survey.
  • Hidden fields display.
  • Placeholder code for piped in invite fields displays instead of a value, as will code for any piped variable requiring an answer from a question page that you didn’t answer in preview mode.

When you take a survey in response mode you generate test responses that can be used to test out and set up reports or response exports.

Previewing a Survey

To preview a survey, click the preview icon preview icon in the left toolbar.

To switch between pages without taking the survey, select the page you want to switch to from the upper right corner of the administrator toolbar.

Deleting Test Responses

Responses completed from preview mode are labeled as (Test Data) in the Status column of your responses list.

To delete all test data from your responses, select Delete test responses from the Actions menu at the top of the responses page. For more on managing responses see: Editing or Deleting Responses.