Using Settings Listed in Other Options
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Using Settings Listed in Other Options

The following settings are listed under the Other section the settings menu. To access these options click on the settings icon settings icon and click Other Options in the left menu.

Keep Invalid ResponsesIf a response is invalidated, any response data collected is kept. By default this setting is on.
Survey Time LimitSet a time limit for respondents to take your survey. Time limit is set in minutes and you can choose between taking a respondent to the completion or termination page after limit has passed. Their response status will be updated to match. The timer begins start after the first page of the survey has been submitted.
Enable Olark real-time chat pluginIf the Olark integration has been setup, this option turns on Olark chat support for your survey.
Daily Response NotificationsReceive a daily email notification to an email of your choosing when your survey has received responses. See Email Notifications For Completed Responses
File Upload StorageSelect where files uploaded through the file upload question to be stored. Choose from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Igloo and an FTP option.
Meta TagsMeta tags explain the page so the browser can understand it. When customizing for a tablet, it is required that the viewport is added as a meta tag, in order for a specific CSS rule to be fired when a tablet with a small screen triggers it.
VIDEO: Setting Storage Options for the File Upload Question