Importing Responses from Paper Surveys
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Importing Responses from Paper Surveys

If you gathered survey responses on paper, you can add them to your FluidSurveys account to create reports. You can either import responses in bulk or fill out the survey on behalf of each paper respondent.

Filling Out a Survey on Behalf of Paper Respondents

By creating a deploy link, you can fill out the survey the same way a respondent would if they were taking it online.

In order to fill out the survey more than once, you need to change the survey’s access restrictions to allow multiple responses the same computer.

To take a survey on behalf of paper respondents:

  1. Click the settings icon settings icon and click Access Restrictions.
  2. Under Access Mode, select Many times per computer.
  3. Click the deploy icon deploy icon.
  4. If you want to filter your reports by paper respondents, click +New Collector and name your collector “Paper Respondents”. Learn more: Using Collectors to Gather Responses.
  5. Select Deploy this survey in Kiosk Mode. This refreshes the survey to the beginning each time you take it.
  6. Copy and paste the deploy link into an incognito or private window in your browser.
  7. Take the survey, entering the answers as they are written on your paper copy.
If your survey is live and you’re using the Invite Only setting to track online respondents, changing this setting may allow people to access your survey anonymously. We recommend waiting until all online respondents have finished their survey before changing this, or importing paper responses using the response template.

Importing Responses with the Response Template

You can import multiple responses at once by filling out a .csv template and importing it into FluidSurveys.

Step 1: Download the Template

To download a response template:

  1. Click the responses icon responses icon.
  2. Select Import responses from the Actions menu.
  3. Click download and save this CSV template to download a formatted .csv file.

The template has two header rows: one for all of your questions and one for permissible answers.

Questions in your survey begin in column 20. The first 19 columns in the spreadsheet contain data used by FluidSurveys for online only surveys —you do not need to enter anything into the first 19 columns.

Questions in the template contain a special code used to import your data. Example: {GqxtFtQop3\1}. Do not edit or remove this code.

Step 2: Fill Out the Template

To fill out the template:

  1. Open the template using a program like Excel or Google Sheets.
  2. Enter your responses to survey questions using the permitted answer choices shown in square brackets in the header row. See formatting guidelines below.
  3. Save your file.

Formatting Guidelines

Enter one response per row. Questions with more than one answer choice possible, like checkbox questions, are distributed over multiple columns with one answer choice per column. Entering one of the values shown in the square brackets will indicate that this choice was selected. Leaving it blank will indicate it wasn’t selected.

Step 3: Import the Template

To import responses into FluidSurveys:

  1. Click the responses icon responses icon
  2. Select Import responses from the Actions menu.
  3. Click Import Responses and select the .csv template you filled out from your computer.