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Image Hot Spot

VIDEO: Image Hot Spot Question

The Image Hot Spot question type allows you to capture feedback on an image.

The Image Hot Spot question collects data like a Multiple Choice Grid. This means respondents can select an answer for each pre-defined region on the image.

To setup an Image Hot Spot Question:

  1. Drag and drop the Image HotSpot question from the Advanced Questions palette to the canvas.
  2. Phrase your question in the Question title and optionally add a Extra Description.
  3. Add the image the question will be about by entering an Image URL or use the Select button to access an image from your library.
  4. Define the regions respondents can give feedback on by clicking + Add button in the Regions section. In the window that opens, click to define the border of your region. Add as many regions a you need. Unchecking Optional in the Regions section will make the question, and all regions, required–respondents will not be able to continue in the survey unless they give feedback for all defined regions.
  5. Define the Choices respondents can select for each region and the colors that represent choices. By default respondents can Like or Dislike a region with red representing dislike and green representing like. Optionally change the name of these choices or the add a different hex code to change the color. Add more choices by clicking + Add or access bulk choices with the Bulk button.
  6. Optionally, give your choices a Score or Code.
  7. Optionally, edit display options. You can define Extra Classes or Append to previous question.
  8. Configure Options. See below.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click the preview icon preview icon to preview the question in your survey.


  • Visibility: Choose if you want regions to always be visible to respondents or only when they hover over them.

  • Selection Mode: Click-toggle requires respondents to cycle through the various choices by clicking on a region and Popup Menu allows them to pick a choice from a popup drop down menu.

  • Show Tooltips* When selected, the region’s name displays to respondents when they hover over it.

  • Force Unique: Requires the respondent to make a unique choice for each region, like a ranking question. Optionally edit the error message that displays if the respondent doesn’t pick unique choices.