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Image Heat Map

VIDEO: Image Heat Map Question

The Image Heat Map question type allows you to capture where respondents click on an image. You can define regions in an image and capture which regions are clicked, collect a scaled percentage along the x and y axis of exactly where a respondent clicked (up to twenty clicks), or collect both kinds of data at the same time.

screenshot of a picture question

To set up an image heat map question:

  1. Drag and drop an image heat map question from the Advanced Questions section of the palette to the canvas.
  2. Phrase your question in the Question Title and optionally add an Extra Description.
  3. Add an image to the question by entering an Image URL or clicking Select to use an image in from your file library.
  4. If you want to collect data on how often respondents clicked on a particular region in the image, define regions on your image by click the + Add button in Regions. Click on your image to draw an outline of your region and click Save and name your region or give it a Score or Code. Unlike the [Image Hot Spot] respondents will not be able to see the regions you define.
  5. If you would like to collect the exact coordinates of respondent clicks on an image, select Highlight Clicks in the Options section and specify how many click you want to record (up to 20). If a respondent clicks more times than your limit, the most recent click will overwrite the oldest. When click highlighting is active, respondents see a small dot where they click. You do not need to define any regions to collect click coordinates.
  6. If you want the question to be required, uncheck Optional in Options.
  7. Configure Display settings. See below for details.
  8. Save your survey.



Append to previous questionUse this to make this question appear as if it’s part of the previous question.
Extra ClassesAdvanced option to define classes for custom javascript or CSS.