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Hidden Field

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A hidden field is a special question type that stores information and is only visible to survey administrators. You can pipe a variety of values or expressions into a hidden value and use it to trigger logic. For example, create a survey for your workplace with certain questions to be given to certain departments. Add a hidden field to the beginning of your survey and pipe in a custom contact field that contains each respondent’s department named. Use branching logic to only show department questions to respondents from that department.

The hidden field collects data like a text response question. The value it is passed is recorded in your responses. You can use a hidden field to record response data that you do not want your respondents to see. For example, a hidden field placed at the very end of a survey with its value is set to {{ metas.weighted_score }} will calculate and record a respondents score. Use hidden fields to calculate advanced expressions that you want recorded in your responses.

To add a hidden field:

  1. Drag and drop a hidden field question from the Advanced Questions section of the palette to your survey.
  2. If you will be piping your hidden value into your survey text, give it an identifier by clicking on the link next to Identifier.
  3. Give it a Variable Name. This will be hidden from respondents but show up in responses
  4. Enter your hidden value by tying it into Hidden Value or right click on the question in the palette and select Piping Wizard to drag and drop a piping option into it. For more on using the piping wizard see Using Piping to Insert Text or Trigger Logic.
  5. Save your survey.

When you preview your survey the hidden value displays or view it while logged in from your administrator account you will see the hidden value. Respondents will not see hidden values when they are taking a survey.

VIDEO: Piping Get Variables & Hidden Fields