Generating Invite Codes
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Generating Invite Codes

If you are using invite only mode on a survey you can either use the email invite tool to send invites or generate one-use invite codes and distribute them to respondents directly or appended to the end of your survey’s link by replacing ‘CODE_HERE’ with a generated code:

VIDEO Generate Invites Codes

To generate invite codes:

  1. Click the invite icon invite icon and click Tools.
  2. Enter the number of codes you want generate.
  3. Click Generate Codes. Or, if would like your codes pre-formatted on your survey’s link, click Export as CSV. This option generates a CSV file with a column of codes and a column of pre-formatted URLs.
  4. Distribute your codes or pre formatted URLs to potential respondents. Any survey link for an invite only survey not ending containing a ?code=CODE_HERE will prompt the respondent to enter an invite code.

To see a list of previously generated codes, click View Previous Codes.