Embedding Your Survey on a Website
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Embedding Your Survey on a Website

Embed surveys into your website by creating an embed code.

To embed a survey:

  1. Click the deploy icon deploy icon and click Embed from the menu on the left.
  2. Click + Add New Embed Deployment and give you embed a name.
  3. Configure your options and restrictions. See below for more detail on options.
  4. If you are embedding in a websites, copy the embed code at the bottom of the page and paste it in between the
tags of the site or copy the iFrame code for use in an inline frame. If you are creating your own embed code, use URL in the Web URL in your code.
If the site you are embedding your survey into has SSL, you must have SSL enabled in your survey’s Privacy & Security settings.

Embed Option Settings & Restrictions

General Options
  • Display results after survey is completed: Display results of the survey to the respondent.
  • Report used for results: Select which report to display.
  • Allow Respondents to skip to results without submitting response: Let respondents see the results without taking the survey.
  • Show results if quota or deadline is reached: Display survey results instead of survey once a quota or deadline has beeen reached.
  • Allow respondent to change their response: Give respondents the option to change responses after they have completed a survey.
Display Options
  • Specify Height and Width: Specify a height and width in pixels for your embedded survey. If you specify neither the embed will take up as much space as it can on the page. If you specify one dimension but not the other the survey will use as much space is available for the blank dimension.
  • Use survey style: Have the embed use the styling you’ve applied in to the survey. Otherwise click on one of the theme options to apply it instead.
Tip! Use the template grabber to automatically style your survey to match the rest of your site.
Sharing Options
  • Allow respondent to share content with social media sites: Allow respondents to share to social media when they finish your survey. Select networks they can share to by clicking on them. Optionally add a prepopulated share title and message.
  • Share survey after survey is completed: Have respondents share a link to your survey.
  • Share current site after survey is completed: Have respondents share the link to the site your survey is embedded on.
  • Share custom site after survey is completed: Have respondents share a link of your choice. Enter a Custom URL to share .
  • Share results after survey is completed: Have respondents share survey results.
Access Restrictions

If you only want to embed a one-page survey and do not need any of the embed options listed above, you can generate an embed code from the settings page.

To generate embed code for a one-page survey:

  1. Click the settings icon settings icon
  2. Click Access Restriction.
  3. Select Embedded survey.
  4. Copy the embed code and paste it between the body tags of your website.

If you enabled SSL on your survey, the site you’re embedding the survey into must also have SSL.

Embedding a Survey on a Page Within Your Site