Organizing your Response Table
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Organizing your Response Table

Change what response information is shown in the responses section by adding or removing columns to the response table. Add or remove columns by selecting them from the Columns drop down at the top of the table. See below for column descriptions. You can change how many responses are displayed per page by clicking the desired number from the bottom of the table.

VIDEO: The Response Table
StatusIf the response is Complete, Incomplete, Terminated, and Quota Reached.
Last updatedLast time the response was updated.
Date startedDate the survey was started.
Internal IDUnique ID for the response.
LanguageLanguage the response was taken in. Applicable for multi-language surveys.
IP AddressThe network address the individual completed the response from. Capture IP Address must be turned on in Privacy & Security settings.
LocationLocation the respondent too the survey in, eg., Canada, United States, Germany, etc. Capture IP Address must be turned on in Privacy & Security settings.
UsernameThe FluidSurveys username of the respondent if they have account with FluidSurveys and are logged in when they take your survey.
GET VariablesAny GET variable values associated with the response.
ReferrerThe URL for the page the survey was embedded into if the survey is taken as a pop up.
Number of SavesThe number of times the survey was saved before submitted.
Weighted ScoreSum of the scores of all selected answer choices.
Completion TimeHow long it took the respondent to take the survey. Only available for multipage surveys.
Invite CodeInvite code associated with the response, if applicable.
Invite EmailEmail address an invite was sent to, if applicable.
Invite NameName of the contact the invite was sent to, if applicable.
CollectorWhich collector the response is associated with.
Page PathThe path the respondent took when taking their survey.
QuestionsThe answer respondent gave for a question in the survey.