Tracking Respondents or Making Surveys Anonymous
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Tracking Respondents or Making Surveys Anonymous

The Privacy and Security Options section of the settings page has a variety of security and anonymity settings that let you track location or system information about respondents, remove personally identifying information from responses, or add security settings to your survey.

Tracking Location or System Information

When you select any tracking options this information will be included in response data.

Tracking Options:

  • Capture IP Address
  • Track Respondent Location
  • Track Respondent Geo Location
  • Track Respondent Browser
  • Track Respondent Operating System
  • Make this survey anonymous
VIDEO: Tracking Respondents
VIDEO: Capturing IP Addresses of Respondents

Removing Personally Identifiable Information from Responses

Anonymous options allow you to permanently hide and proven the collection of the following respondent data in your responses. Answers given to questions, especially if your respondent pool is small, can cause your survey’s responses to not be truly anonymous. However these options let you:

Selecting any anonymous option is permanent. Once you have chosen to hide any of this respondent data you will never be able to collect it again.
  • Hide any invite codes/emails that were used
  • Hide the email address of the respondent
  • Hide the custom invite variables
  • Hide referring URL
  • Hide the get parameters
  • Hide the IP address of the respondent
  • Hide the username if the respondent is logged in

Select Make this survey anonymous to hide all data.

VIDEO: Making a Survey Anonymous

Security Settings

  • Enable SSL: Respondents will use an HTTPS address to take your survey.
  • Prevent your survey from being indexed by search engines: Search engines, like Google, will not index your survey link.
  • Customize Google Analytics: Add your GA tracking code to your survey.