Exporting or Printing Your Survey
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Exporting or Printing Your Survey

If you are a paid plan, you can export your survey in either PDF or Word format and print it from your computer.

If respondents are taking the survey on paper, you have to manually import responses in order to create reports.

To export your survey:

  1. Click the deploy icon deploy icon in the left sidebar.
  2. Click Print (Export).
  3. Select your desired Export Format.
  4. Select your desired Options.
  5. Click Export Survey >>

Export Options

General Options:

  • Display title and description at the top of the document: Include your survey’s title and description in the survey.
  • Create a new page for each survey page: Create a page break at the end of each survey page. This is not a one-to-one relationship between survey pages and printed pages — very long survey pages may be more than one printed page.

Page Options:

  • Show page numbers: Add survey page numbers to the survey. Pages numbers are associated with each survey page, not each printed page — if page 1 of your survey takes up 4 printed pages, only the first page will be labeled Page #1.
  • Show branching information: Add branching instructions to the paper survey. For example: “If [identifier] Question Text = Answer Choice then Skip to Page 6”

Question Options:

  • Show question identifiers: Include your question identifiers so respondents can follow branching instructions.
  • Show looping indicators: Display an icon next to questions that have looping applied.
VIDEO: Printing/Exporting Your Survey Questions