Deploying a Survey in Kiosk Mode
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Deploying a Survey in Kiosk Mode

Use kiosk mode to administer surveys to many people from the same computer or station. A survey in kiosk mode runs in a loop—after a response is submitted (or if a respondent has remained idle for a given amount of time), the survey refreshes and opens to the beginning to record a new response. To learn about running offline surveys in kiosk mode read: Running Offline Surveys in Kiosk Mode.

To create a deploy link in kiosk mode:

  1. Click the deploy icon deploy icon on the lefthand sidebar.
  2. Select Deploy this survey in Kiosk Mode.
  3. Adjust the idle timeout, which is the amount of time the survey can remain idle before it refreshes. By default, the idle timeout is set to 5 minutes.
VIDEO: How to Deploy Your Survey in Kiosk Mode