Deploying a Survey via Web URL
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Deploying a Survey via Web URL

The simplest way to distribute your survey is with the default deploy link. This link is also referred to as the Default Collector. For more about collectors see Using Collectors to Gather Responses.

A survey’s deploy link contains your FluidSurveys username and the survey’s title:

To find your survey’s default deploy link:

  1. Click deploy icon deploy icon on the lefthand sidebar.
  2. On the Web Deployment page, copy the link labeled Web URL.
VIDEO: Finding Your Survey's Deploy URL

The deploy link will lead directly to your survey if the survey’s Deployment Status is set to ON Survey Live and the survey is not in invite only mode or password protected. If the Deployment Status is OFF Survey Closed, you can click this button to make the survey live.

Customizing or Shortening Your Web URL

To edit or customize your web URL:

  1. Click Customize next to the survey URL.
  2. Type in your desired URL end.
  3. Click Save

The deploy link will now take the following format:

To change the username part of your surveys URLs, see Changing the Username in Survey URLs.

Customizing a URL will break all previous deploy links to the survey. It’s best to customize links to surveys that have not been distributed yet.

Language-Specific Links for Multi-Language Surveys

Unless you have set a different default language for a multi-language survey, general deploy links will default to the English version of your survey. You can also link directly to a foreign language version of your survey.

To generate a link to a specific language version of your survey:

  1. Select a language from the Language drop down in the upper-right corner of the Web Deployment page.
  2. Copy the Web URL for that language.

Respondents visiting a language specific link will have the option to switch to any other language version of the survey.

QR Codes

QR codes allow mobile device users to access your survey with a QR code reader. The default collector can be accessed using a QR code you can add to a website or printed material.

To download a .png file of the QR code:

  1. Click the QR code on the Web Deployment page.
  2. Click Save Image.