Customizing Report Colors
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Customizing Report Colors

There are two ways to customize your report's colors. Either set a gradient between two colors or handpick each color.

To begin choosing the right colors for your report:

  1. Click Reports.
  2. Click Advanced and select Customize Colors.

Setting a Gradient

To set a gradient:

  1. Click Gradient.

    Figure 1 - Setting a gradient

  2. Select a Primary color.

    Figure 2 - Selecting a primary color

  3. Select a Secondary color.

    Figure 3 - Selecting a secondary color

  4. Click Apply.

Picking your Own Colors

To pick the exact colors that will appear on your report:

  1. Click Pick them myself.

    Figure 4 - Picking your own color

  2. Click each color dropdown (i.e. Color 1, Color 2, etc) and select the color that will appear. Please Note: Colors will appear in a circulatory order. Therefore if you have more than 12 choices in your report but only 12 colors, the 13th choice will appear as Color 1 on your report. To add additional colors, click Add Color.

    Figure 5 - Adding the colors that fit your report

  3. Click [Apply].