Creating a One Question Poll that Shows Instant Results
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Creating a One Question Poll that Shows Instant Results

Polls are no longer fully supported by FluidSurveys and while you can still use them, we do not offer customer or technical support for polls.

Polls are single multiple choice question surveys that show respondents instant results after they are taken.

To set up a poll:

  1. Click Polls in the top left menu bar.
  2. Click + New Poll.
  3. Give you poll a Name and add the Question text and answer Choices.
  4. Configure the poll settings. See below for details.
  5. Click Save Poll.
  6. Distribute the Direct Link to the poll or use the Embed Code to embed your poll online.

To close a poll click on the Live button in the upper right corner of the poll page.

Poll Settings

  • Restrictions: Restrict the number of times a respondent can take the poll. Restrict to once per cookie, once per IP address, or have no restriction.
  • Expiration: Set when the restrictions will expire. For example, setting and expiration of 1 week on a poll restricted to once per IP address would allow a respondent to retake the poll in a week from the same IP address.
  • Results: Customize the display of poll results and vote totals back to the user
  • Display Options: Choose if you want your radio buttons to be links and if they should be laid out horizontally or vertically.
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