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VIDEO: Checkbox Question

The checkbox question type allows respondents to select more than one answer from among a set of checkbox options. You can include text response boxes beside one or all answer choices.

To set up a checkbox question:

  1. Drag and drop a checkbox question from the Basic Questions palette to the canvas.
  2. Phrase your question in the Question Title and optionally add an Extra Description.
  3. Add question answer choices by clicking the + Add button in the choices section and configure their settings. See below for details on settings. You can also use the Bulk option or Extraction to add answer choices. To add an Other, please specify answer choice, click + Add Other. By default this answer choice has a text response box with it.
  4. Configure Display settings and Options for the question.
  5. Save your survey.

Click to see settings and options in detail:

Answer Choice Settings
Exclusive ChoiceWhen a respondent selects this choice, they can’t select any other choices. Generally used for an “Other, please specify” option.
Select AllWhen a respondent selects this choice, all other choices are selected.
Add text responseWhen a respondent selects this choice, a text box appears giving them the option of adding a written response.
Static ChoiceIf choices are set to display in random order, this choice will always remain in the same spot.
ScoreGive your choice a score value.
CodeGive your choice a code for SPSS export.


Display and Options Settings


AppearanceSelect the arrangement you want answer choices to display in. Default is Vertical.
ColumnsSet how many columns choices should be displayed in. Preview in canvas is not available for this function. Default is one.
Display side-by-sideDisplays the question on one half of the screen. In order for two questions to display side-by-side, you’ll have to enable this option for both questions. The first question will be on the left and the second on the right.
Append to previous questionUse this to make this question appear as if it’s part of the previous question.
Extra ClassesAdvanced option to define classes for custom javascript or CSS.


OptionalMakes question optional. Uncheck to make it required.
Randomize choicesShows answer choices a random order per respondent. Choices that are Static will not be affected by this setting.
Alphabetize choicesShows answer choices in alphabetical order. Choices that are Static will not be affected by this setting.
Restrict number of selected choicesSet a minimum and maximum number of choices that must be selected. Optionally edit the error message that displays when respondents have chosen too few or too many answers.
Show number of options checkedDisplays the number of answers currently selected.