Bucketing Choices in Report Items
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Bucketing Choices in Report Items

Bucket together similar choices of a question in a report to make analyzing complex tables and graphs easier. For example, if you are cross tabulating against a question that asks how satisfied respondents are with a website, you can bucket those who are satisfied and very satisfied together to simplify your report.

VIDEO: Bucketing Responses

screenshot of satisfaction question

To bucket choices in a report item:

  1. Hover over the report item you want to bucket choices for and click Edit.
  2. Select Add Bucketing from the Advanced drop down in the upper right corner of the Edit Widget.
  3. Select answer choices you want to bucket together and click + Create Bucket.
  4. Give your bucket a descriptive name that will be used in your report.
  5. Repeat this process until you have created all the buckets you need and click Finish.
  6. Save your report item.

bucketed choices