Benchmarking your Report
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Benchmarking your Report

Benchmarking your report allows you to compare data in a report. Benchmarking is available for Enterprise, White Label account holders only. You can use benchmarking to:

  • Compare two collectors.
  • Compare responses from one collector with all data.
  • Compare a filtered view of your responses, for example, responses from respondents who answered a given question a certain way, against all responses.
  • Compare a filtered view of your data with another filtered view.
Tip! Filters you have saved for your reports will also be available for benchmarking.

To benchmark a report:

  1. Create a regular or custom report. For more on creating reports see: Creating a New Report.
  2. If you want to compare a filtered view to a filtered view or compare one collector to another, apply a filter to your report. For example, to compare one collector to another, filter your report to show responses only from one of the collectors you want to compare. For more on creating and applying filters see: Filtering Responses and Reports.
  3. If you have applied a filter and want to compare it to all data, select All Responses from the Benchmark drop down.
  4. If you want to compare to a filtered view or a collector, select Custom Benchmark from the Benchmark drop down where you can use the filter builder to define the filtered data you want to compare to. For example, if you are comparing two collectors, select the Collector from the metavariables list in the filter builder’s drop down, select is exactly from the drop down that appears, and the collector’s name from the next drop down that appears.