Downloading or Uploading a Survey File
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Downloading or Uploading a Survey File

Download a file of your survey to back it up or pass it to another FluidSurveys user who can then import it.

To download a file of your survey:

  1. Click on the survey you want to download in the list on your account homepage.
  2. Select Export Backup .FSD from the Actions menu up the upper right corner of the page.

Survey download as a .FSD file. This file type can only be opened with FluidSurveys.

To import a .FSD file into Fluidsurveys:

  1. Click the + New Survey button in the upper left corner of your account homepage.
  2. Click Import from FluidSurveys Backup.
  3. Give the survey a Name, set its Default Language if this will be a language other than English, and optionally assign it to a group.
  4. Click Browse and locate your .FSD file.
  5. Click Create Survey.
VIDEO: Creating a Backup of your Survey