Summing the Responses to a Text Response Grid
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Summing the Responses to a Text Response Grid

The sum question option either validates that answers given in a text response grid question add up to a particular value or simply sums them up. You have the option of showing respondents a running total of what they have entered so far and the required sum.


To add a sum:

  1. Add a text response grid question.
  2. Click on Options at the bottom of the palette.
  3. Enter the total for the question into the Sum box. Or, if you simply want to add the values together but do not require them to match a certain value, enter “-”.
  4. Optionally, edit or delete the Sum Label. These are the instructions that will display to respondents. The placeholder {y} shows respondents their current total and the placeholder {x} shows respondents the required total.
VIDEO: Adding a Sum