Designing Accessible Surveys
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Designing Accessible Surveys

You can make your surveys Section 508, WEC, and WCAG Level AAA compliant and more accessible to those using screen readers by enabling field set and legend elements and running an accessibility test.

Enabling Field Set and Legend Elements

Turning this setting on wraps each survey question in a separate field set element and place titles in a legend tag.

To enable field set and legend elements:

  1. Click the settings icon settings icon.
  2. Select Use Fieldset and Legend elements in the HTML Markup for the survey near the bottom of the display options.
Enabling this option increases accessibility of your survey but may alter its appearance in certain browsers.

Running an Accessibility Test

The accessibility test will evaluate your survey for accessibility and provide feedback on ways to make your survey more accessible.

To run an accessibility test:

  1. Click the deploy icon deploy icon and click Testing
  2. Click Run Test next to Accessibility.
  3. If your score is less than 100% you will receive feedback on how to improve it. If needed, make changes to your survey and re-run your test.
VIDEO: Test Survey for Accessibility