Viewing Respondent Statistics on the Dashboard
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Viewing Respondent Statistics on the Dashboard

Get a high level understanding of the success of your survey on the survey dashboard page with the Timeline, Stats or Map buttons. When you select a survey on the dashboard, these reporting features appear on the upper right corner of the dashboard.

  • Timeline: Shows a graph of how many responses have come in over time.
  • Stats: Shows the total responses, total completed, completion rate, and average completion time.
  • Map: Shows a geographical breakdown of where responses come from. This data is only available if the settings for your survey allow IP address to be captured.

Creating Custom Dashboards

You can also create custom dashboards to monitor responses to a variety of questions from one or more surveys. Once created, custom dashboards can be accessed with the Getting Started drop down on the main surveys dashboard.

To add a dashboard:

  1. From the main dashboard page, what you see when you first log in to your account, select + New Dashboard from the Getting Started drop down.
  2. Give your dashboard a name.
  3. Click Add an Item and select a survey you want to add an item from using the drop down in the upper right corner of the dashboard item window.
  4. Select a question from your survey and configure it just as you would when adding an item to a report.
  5. When you have configured your item as desired, click Apply.
  6. Continue to add as many items to the dashboard as you’d like.
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