Sending Surveys with the Email Invite Tool
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Sending Surveys with the Email Invite Tool

The email invite tool, available on paid plans, allows you to email your contacts an invitation to take your survey and keep track of who has responded. Each invite contains a one-time use invite only code tied to the email address it was sent to, so each survey response is correlated to the email address that submitted it.

You can send email invites to 15,000 contacts at a time until you reach your rolling monthly quota.

Monthly email quotas by plan:

  • Ultra: 5,000
  • Enterprise: 50,000
VIDEO: How to Deploy Your Survey via Email

Step 1: Compose Your Email

Invite emails are required to include an invite link and an unsubscribe link. Both of these are included in the default message text with the invite link in the body and the unsubscribe in the footer. Unsubscribe links give recipients the option to unsubscribe from this or all surveys from you. Once a recipient has unsubscribed, you will no longer be able to send them reminders or any email that violates their unsubscribe request.

To compose a message:

  1. Click the invite icon invite icon.
  2. Edit the your sender, subject, message, and footer as desired.

Add placeholders for survey links, unsubscribe links, or custom fields into the subject or body of your email. For example, insert the name of a contact or use a custom field to reference the company they work for. Placeholders for custom fields are filled in with the values from address book when emails are sent.

To insert a custom field or link:

  1. When editing your message, place your cursor where you want to add a custom field or link.
  2. Select the field from the Custom Field drop down, or click the link you want to add. A placeholder will be added in the format [Custom:FieldName].
  3. Use the placeholder in the message as if it were the actual word. For example, "Dear [Full Name], Please answer this short survey about your work at [Custom:Company] by clicking this link: [Invite Link]."
Make sure all contacts have custom fields filled out in your address book. If you send an email to a contact who is missing a custom field, they will see the placeholder text.
VIDEO: How to Insert the Survey/Unsubscribe Links and Variables in Your Survey

Step 2: Add Contacts

Add contacts or contact lists using the Add Contacts or Contact Lists menus at the bottom of the page. Selecting From Address Book will allow you to access and add contacts already added to your address book. Adding any new contacts through this menu will add them to your address book as well as the recipients list for your message. For more on adding contacts to your address book see: Managing Contacts in Your Address Book.

VIDEO: Adding Recipients to your Survey Invite Email

Step 3: Schedule for Later (Optional)

To schedule a message check the Schedule message for a later date box just below the message compose window and enter the date and time you would like it to send.

Message scheduling uses the timezone set for your account. To edit or check what timezone your account has set, select User Preferences from the email address menu in the upper-right corner of your account. Remember to save your message as a draft before navigating away from your email compose window.

If you decide to send your message right away, it’ll be scheduled to send within a few minutes after you click send.

VIDEO Scheduling Emails and Reminders

Step 4: Preview, Test, and Send

When you are ready to test and send your email click Preview & Send. You can send a test message to yourself by clicking Send Test Message. You can also do a spam check by clicking Spam Test. The test uses Apache SpamAssassin to calculate your message health.

When you are satisfied with how your email looks, click Send. You can cancel emails by selecting Remove from the Actions menu before they are sent.

Click one of the following topics for more information:

Saving Email Drafts

If you begin to write an email invitation but don’t have time to finish it, you can save it as a draft.

To save a draft:

  1. Click the invite icon invite icon.
  2. Edit the email invite as desired. Drafts will be listed by the subject of the email.
  3. Click Save Draft below the message compose window.

To access saved drafts:

  1. Click the invite icon invite icon.
  2. Click Reminders/History
  3. Click the message you want to edit. It will have the Status of Saved Draft.
  4. Click Yes in the popup asking if you’d like to load the message.
Sending a Survey Reminder Email

Reminder emails can help you increase the response rate to your survey by reminding those who have not completed it to do so. By default, reminder emails are automatically sent to contacts who:

  • Have not started the survey.
  • Have started but not completed the survey.
  • Have not already received a reminder email about the survey.
  • Have not requested to be unsubscribed from the survey or all surveys.

To send a reminder email:

  1. Click the invite icon invite icon.
  2. Click Reminders/History.
  3. Select Send Reminder from the Actions menu for the campaign you want to send a reminder to.
  4. Adjust recipients as desired. Selecting Customize recipients in the next page will allow you to add or remove specific contacts from the list of those meeting the default requirements. You will never be able to add contacts who have unsubscribed.
  5. Edit the email as desired.
  6. Click Preview & Send Reminders
  7. Optional: Send a test message, do a spam test, and edit contacts, if you have selected the customize option.
  8. Click Send.

You can review the success of reminder emails in the same way you can review regular email invites.

VIDEO: Sending Email Reminders
Reviewing the Success of Email Campaigns

After you send invites or reminder emails, you can review them to see who has viewed, completed, or started a survey or which messages have bounced.

To review sent invites:

  1. Click the invite icon invite icon.
  2. Click Reminders/History.
  3. Select Review from the Actions menu for the invite or reminder emails you want to review. The review window includes the message that was sent, an Email Sending Progress bar that showing what percentage of your invites have been sent, and a list of contacts with the status or their invite.

Possible status:

  • Sent: The invite has been sent but the recipient has not clicked on the survey link.
  • Viewed: The recipient has clicked on the survey link but not started the survey.
  • Completed: The recipient completed the survey.
  • Incomplete: The recipient started the survey, but did not finish it.
  • Bounced: The email containing the invite was not successfully delivered.
  • Unsubscribed: The recipient clicked on the unsubscribe link in the email.

To review bounced invites:

  1. Click the invite icon invite icon.
  2. Click Reminders/History.
  3. Select Review Bounced from the Actions Menu for the failed invites you want to review. This option will only appear for campaigns that have bounced emails.
  4. Click an individual contact to view the diagnostic for why it bounced.
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