Requiring an Email Address to Access a Survey
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Requiring an Email Address to Access a Survey

Setting the email provided access mode prompts all respondents to enter an email address when they try to access your survey via the deploy link. They will then receive an email invite with a link to take the survey.

Respondents who enter an email address to access your survey will be added as contacts in your address book with only an email address.

To require an email address:

  1. Click the settings icon settings icon.
  2. Click Access Restriction.
  3. Select Email Provided.
  4. Select Require a respondent to enter a self specified password (optional).

You can also require respondents to enter a self-specified password. After a respondent creates a password, they can use the password to access your future surveys with the same access mode settings instead of waiting for an email invite.

To reset a respondent’s self-specified password, select them from your address book and choose Clear Passwords of Selected Contacts from the Actions menu.