Redirecting Respondents to Another Website
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Redirecting Respondents to Another Website

Redirect respondents to another website. You can set redirection to:

  • Redirect when a respondent submits a survey.
  • Redirect when a respondent’s response is terminated.
  • Redirect when a survey’s quota has been reached.
  • Include a confirmation notification when a respondent is redirected.
  • Passthrough GET variables to the redirection URL.
  • Use advanced branching to redirect based on logic rules.

Setting Redirection URLs, Redirect Confirmation, and GET Passthrough

You can redirect to a specific URL when a respondent submits a survey, has their response terminated, or when a survey’s quota has been reached. You can also require a confirmation before a respondent is redirected and passthrough GET variables to the redirection URL. Passing GET variables adds them as query parameters to the end of your redirection URL. So, http://surveyURL/?Variable=Value to http://redirectURL/?variable=Value.

VIDEO: Redirect Respondents Upon Completing a Survey
VIDEO: Warning Users Before they are Redirected

To set up redirection:

  1. Click the settings icon setting icon and click Redirection.
  2. If you want to passthrough any GET variables used in your survey as query parameters on your redirect URLs, select GET Variable Passthrough.
  3. If you want respondents to have to confirm before being redirected, select Exit link confirmations.
  4. Enter the URLs you want respondents to be redirected to into Response Completed, Response Terminated, and Quota Filled. Leave any blank if you don’t want the respondent to be redirected in that instance. Make sure to begin all URLs with either http:// or https://.
  5. Click Save redirection URLs.
  6. If you have a multi-language survey, select an alternate language from the Redirects for language drop down and optionally modify the redirect URL for each language. Clicking Save redirection URLs each time.

Redirection with Advanced Branching Logic

Set up advanced branching logic that triggers redirection using the Redirect to a URL action option.

To redirect with advanced branching:

  1. Add the questions or meta variables that you want to trigger your branching logic.
  2. Select the Page tab on the palette.
  3. Select Advanced Branching Wizard.
  4. Click + Add Branching Rule.
  5. Click Add a condition? and select a question or metavariable and select the exact condition you want to trigger the logic.
  6. Click Add Rule.
  7. Select Redirect to a URL from from the drop down under Rule Actions. Enter the URL you want to redirect to. Because redirection will cause your respondent to leave the survey, you may also want to add a rule action to mark the response as completed.
  8. Click Save Rule.

For more details on using the Advanced Branching Wizard see: Adding Branching Logic to Surveys

TIP! Use question identifiers with branching to redirect to a URL the respondent chooses or enters. For example give if a multiple choice question’s answer choices are all valid URLs and you give it the identifier redirectURL, the chosen URL can be piped into the redirect URL field in the bunching wizard like so: {{ redirectURL }}.