Keyboard Shortcuts and the Right Click Menu
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Keyboard Shortcuts and the Right Click Menu

The right click menu offers access to a variety of features. Right click on a question in your canvas to access the right click menu.

Right Click Options
CutRemoves and copies to the clipboard all selected questions
CopyCopies to the clipboard all selected questions
PastePastes all questions in the clipboard to the survey
DeleteDeletes all selected questions
Move ToAllows you to select a page and moves all selected questions to that page
DuplicateDuplicates all selected questions
Change Question TypeLets you change the question type. This option can cause problems if the question has already been given answer choices and is not recommended for live surveys
Piping WizardAllows you to access the piping wizard to add piping logic to your survey
Mark selected as optionalMakes selected questions optional for respondents
Mark selected as requiredMakes selected question required for respondents
Save Question to BankSave the question’s format to a bank so you can reuse it later
Insert Question from BankAdd questions from your bank of saved questions
LoopingAllows you to set up looping logic (option only shows up when certain question types are selected)

There are a variety of keyboard shortcuts you can use when you are creating surveys.

Keyboard Shortcuts
CRL-s or ⌘-sSave survey
CRL-a or ⌘-aSelect all questions
CRL-c or ⌘-cCopy selected questions
CRL-v or ⌘-vPaste questions from the clipboard
CRL-d or ⌘-d or DeleteDelete selected questions
Page DownGo to the next page in your survey
Page UpGo to the last page in your survey