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Email Notifications For Completed Responses

Send an email to yourself or others as your survey gathers responses. You can receive a daily overview, trigger an email to notify you of each response, or trigger an email when a particular answer is chosen. For more specific types of email notifications, we recommend using the Advanced Branching Wizard.

Daily Response Notifications

Daily response notifications are sent at approximately 8:00 AM EST if there have been survey responses completed in the previous 24 hours.

To set up a daily response notification:

  1. While logged in, navigate to your survey and choose Settings
  2. Select Other Options
  3. Click Create daily response notification

A button representing your daily response notification appears after you set up the notification. Use this button to edit, disable, or delete the notification.

By default the daily response notification sends an email with the following message:

You have new responses for your survey “[]” [survey.responses_url]

If you edit the notification, you can customize the message. From the Automation page of the email notification, expand the Actions section to see the option to edit the text of the email or add additional email recipients.

For example, to edit the subject line to include the number of responses received in the last 24 hours, add:

[num_responses] Responses Received

Instant Notifications and Notifications Based on a Response

To set up an instant email notification when a respondent completes a survey or when a respondent selects a particular answer choice:

  1. While logged in, enter your survey and choose Edit from the left menu
  2. Go to the page where your question is located and click the Page tab in the upper left
  3. Select Advanced Branching Wizard and click +Add Branching Rule
  4. Under the Rule Condition section, select your question
  5. Set a condition from the drop down menu that appears (has a response, is exactly, contains, is one of, etc.) To trigger a notification 6. whenever anybody takes your survey, select your first question and set the condition as [has a response] 6.Under Rule Actions, select send an email
  6. Click Customize Email and edit the To, Subject, and Message fields
  7. Select your Advanced Options and click Save Rule when finished

Emails are sent as soon as the respondent clicks the Next button on your survey.

Commonly used Advanced Options:

  • Checking the Include Response Data box attaches a PDF to the email.
  • Checking the Send on Survey Completion box ensures that the email isn’t sent until the survey is complete.
VIDEO: Receiving Daily Notifications and Instant Notifications of New Responses