Editing Live Surveys
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Editing Live Surveys

You can edit a survey after you send it out. However, if the survey has responses, certain actions may result in loss of response data.

In general it is best not to make changes to live surveys, but some actions are safe in that they won’t cause data loss:

  • Adding a section heading
  • Editing a question’s title
  • Adding or editing a question’s description
  • Editing the text of an answer choice
  • Adding an answer choice to the bottom of a multiple choice, drop down, or checkbox question
  • Adding a new question
  • Making theme or style changes

Editing Restrictions

Once your survey has collected responses, the following actions may cause problems or result in loss of response data:

  • Changing a question type
  • Deleting a question or answer choice
  • Rearranging answer choices using copy and paste
  • Adding an answer choice to the middle of an answer list
  • Moving questions from page-to-page if there is branching logic applied to pages