Creating Collector Variables and Collector Schemas
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Creating Collector Variables and Collector Schemas

Collector variables are custom variables that are applied to collectors. For example, if you create a collector for each department in a company, you can create a collector variable to assign which office location that department works out of. The value of this collector variable can be piped into question text with the piping wizard or used to trigger specific branching logic using the advanced branching wizard.

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Step One: Create a Collector Schema:

Your collector schema defines your variables, the possible values these variables can store, and the default value of the variables. For example, you can create a variable named Office Location with possible values being all cities offices are located at, that defaults to the location of the largest office. Collector schemas can be defined for each survey.

To create a schema:

  1. In your dashboard, click on the survey with the collectors you want to add variables to.
  2. In the Collectors section of dashboard on the right, beneath the Statistics section, select Edit Schema from the Collector Actions drop down.
  3. Click Add Variable to add a collector variable to your schema.
  4. Select if you want your variable to be text, boolean, drop down, or check box list.  Choosing text will allow you to assign a free text value to the variable, boolean, a true or false value, drop down, one of a predefined set of values, and check box list, one or more of a predefined set of values.
  5. Give your variable a name. Names must be at least three characters long and can only contain letters, numbers, and underscores.
  6. If your variable is a drop down or check box list, enter the possible values in the Options box. Each option should be entered on a new line.
  7. Optionally, set a default value for your variable. This is the value that will be automatically applied if a particular collector’s schema hasn’t been filled out. Specify a default value for drop down and checkbox list variables by entering an asterisks before the default option. For example “*College”. To set a default value for a text variable, enter it into the Options box. Boolean variables default to False unless you select the checkbox under Options.
  8. Repeat this process to add as many collector variables as you need.
  9. Save your collector schema.

screenshot of collector schema

Step Two: Assign Variable Values to Your Collectors

If you are using collector variables to pipe text into your questions, the value assigned to the collector is what is piped in. If you have created a variable called Office Location and assigned the value Ottawa to a particular collector, the piping wizard will pipe in the text Ottawa to any questions with collector variable piping applied to them.

To assign collector variable values to a collector:

  1. Click on the name of the collector you want to assign values to or select Add Single Collector from the + Add Collectors.
  2. If you are creating a new collector, give it a name.
  3. Enter or select the collector variables values you want to assign to the collector.
  4. Save your collector.
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