Allowing Respondents to Edit Responses to Completed Surveys
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Allowing Respondents to Edit Responses to Completed Surveys

By default, respondents can edit their responses to a survey they have completed using an invite code or invite link sent from the invite tool. You can prevent respondents from changing answers to surveys they have already completed by turning this setting off.

To turn on or off the ability to edit completed responses:

  1. Click the survey settings icon settings icon for the survey you want to edit.
  2. Select or deselect Allow respondent to edit their responses after completing the survey under the Other settings in Display Options.
  3. If you are turning the setting on, you also have the option to Display a warning notifying respondents that they are modifying an existing response. This warning reads, “You are not allowed to take this survey more than once. Click ‘continue’ to go back and change your answers.” Edit this warning in the Pages/Messages section of Settings. It is called Already Completed with Edit and found under Notifications. For more on editing site messages see: Editing Page & Button Text, Errors, and Warning Messages.
  4. Save your survey.
VIDEO: Allow Respondents to Edit Their Responses After Completing the Survey