Adding Pages and Page Labels
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Adding Pages and Page Labels

Add and arrange multiple pages in your survey to help organize and break up a long list of questions. This makes it easier for your respondents to take the survey. Pages and page labels let you use a variety of advanced survey features including:

Adding and Arranging Pages

To add a page to your survey, click the Page + button at the bottom of the canvas in the survey editor. All pages are shown at the bottom of the canvas. Drag and drop to rearrange them or click on one to view and edit it.

VIDEO: Adding Pages to a Survey
VIDEO: Creating and Intro, Consent, or Terms & Conditions Page
VIDEO: Editing the Thank You Page
Rearranging pages with branching logic applied to them can cause problems. Always arrange your pages before adding any branching logic.

Adding Page Labels

By default pages have no labels and show in the canvas by number. Giving a page a label will allow you to add it to table of contents, include it in page jumping, or use it in your branching logic.

To give a page a label:

  1. Click on the page you want to label in the canvas.
  2. Click the Page tab of the palette.
  3. Enter your label into the Page Label field. If you will be creating a table of contents or enabling jumping, this label will be visible to respondents.
  4. Save your survey.

page labels

VIDEO: Page Labels